Electronic Receivables Services

Your reliable single connection to virtually every online bill payment originator.


Electronic Payments: The Opportunity and the Solution

MasterCard RPPS® offers a single point of connectivity to virtually every consumer in the United States who is paying bills online at a financial institution's Web site, and just about every industry service provider.


Why Use MasterCard RPPS to Receive Payments?

MasterCard RPPS offers several benefits to billers and concentrators receiving payments on behalf of billers. Learn more about these benefits.


What Billers Should You Target for
E-lockbox Services?

Find out why thousands of billers are already benefiting from the reach and efficiency of the MasterCard RPPS networks.


Get Started Today and Enjoy Extensive Support

MasterCard RPPS delivers advanced electronic payment services. We’re ready to manage your online bill payment tasks so you can concentrate on building your business in this expanding environment.


Electronic Payments: The Opportunity and the Solution


Today online bill payment is a standard element of the customer account-opening process and is positioned as a key component of the overall product and services offering, leading to more consumers paying bills online. As a result, a greater volume of payments is being transmitted to you and your corporate customers through the online channel.
Consumers paying their bills online expect fast, accurate electronic processing and posting. Billers want payments to post accurately and quickly to meet their customers’ expectations. Electronic payments transmitted via the MasterCard RPPS network offer the best method for satisfying the needs of consumers and accomplishing your business goals.
Online bill payment allows consumers to initiate payments to virtually any biller from their financial institution’s home banking Web site. In addition, credit counseling agencies, walk-in payment providers, and kiosk-based payment centers can send electronic bill payments to billers on a consumer’s behalf.
Multiple Connections: An Expensive Tangle
To receive payments electronically, billers must have an electronic connection to home banking sites and other payment origination points. Otherwise, their payments are issued via paper checks—exception items that create operational and customer service inefficiencies.

Billers sometimes choose to create a direct electronic feed to each originator. However, multiple connections are expensive to establish and maintain, can create customer service issues, and disintermediate the lockbox provider. With the growing number of consumer origination endpoints, this arrangement can only continue to grow more chaotic, unless a solution is found.



An efficient, cost-effective solution does exist: the MasterCard RPPS network. An alternative to the complicated tangle of multiple direct connections, the MasterCard RPPS network allows you and your billers to receive electronic payments through a single reliable connection.

Why Use MasterCard RPPS to Receive Payments?


While some online payment services can deliver bill payments electronically from consumers directly to billers, MasterCard RPPS, an industry leader since 1987, serves as a central hub, processing tens of millions of electronic payments every month. The secure MasterCard RPPS network:
  • Provides you with a single payment receivables connection to virtually every originator of online bill payments
  • Enables you to communicate biller changes and updates to all originators, using the MasterCard RPPS Online Biller Directory
  • Distributes secure payments to the largest number of electronic payments receivers and treasury service providers in the industry, representing thousands of billers

As a growing number of originating financial institutions aggressively market their online bill payment services, the MasterCard RPPS network provides seamless management of all consumer endpoints through the same dependable channel.
In addition, MasterCard RPPS offers several benefits to billers:
  • Billers receive data and funds faster. With multiple daily processing cycles, MasterCard RPPS routes posting data and settles funds typically within 24 hours.
  • The speed and accuracy of automated payment processing through MasterCard RPPS increases back-office efficiencies, eliminates the need to manage multiple payment originator relationships, and reduces customer inquiries and the associated operational costs.
  • With consumer online bill payments constituting an increasing percentage of the typical biller’s lockbox volume, electronic payment acceptance can offer an immediate and significant cost reduction and productivity boost.

What Billers Should You Target for E-lockbox Services?


Businesses of all sizes—from mortgage lenders, cable TV providers, and utilities companies to charities and local small business owners—can benefit from the reach and efficiency of online bill payments delivered via your partnership with MasterCard RPPS.
An electronic receivables solution can offer significant advantages for any organization that:
  • Invoices consumers
  • Manages exception items—paper checks and check-and-lists—from various online payment providers
  • Receives direct electronic feeds from multiple payment providers and wishes to cut costs and increase efficiencies with a single connection

MasterCard RPPS can significantly reduce exception items and streamline the receivables operation for any such billing organization.
Why Thousands of Billers Prefer MasterCard RPPS
The MasterCard RPPS network offers a unique set of features designed to maximize payment processing performance for billers and their service providers:
  • Sophisticated data edit process, ensuring the most accurate payment posting possible and minimizing returns
  • Powerful online biller directory service, providing daily additions, deletions, and other changes to biller account and payment information—and available 24/7 to all originators
  • Good funds model for payments from all originators
  • Proven MasterCard risk management policies and procedures
  • Specialized customer service staff
  • Turnkey consumer awareness and marketing programs available
  • Easy-to-use online service tools, including payment research
  • Targeted bill payment services, designed to address specific industries and payment types, such as business to business, credit counseling, prepaid card, and more

Get Started Today and Enjoy Extensive Support


MasterCard RPPS adds value across the electronic payments landscape. Learn more today!
MasterCard RPPS delivers advanced electronic payment services, setting the standard for the industry. We understand and fully support your needs— and we’re ready to manage your online bill payment tasks so you can concentrate on building your business in this expanding environment.
  • Our dedicated Account Support staff offers expert, timely assistance. When you contact MasterCard RPPS Account Support, you will reach a trained product specialist to help you with your bill payment processing needs.
  • Public advocacy, consumer awareness programs, marketing initiatives, sales support, and proactive account management are designed to improve your bottom line.

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